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Focus on Intervention 

How have you spent the last 16 weeks?  Did you know that Tier 1 interventions should happen before a student is referred to STAT?  Are all of your students on grade level? Have you responded using research-based strategies or interventions? Do you know what Tier 1 interventions consist of? Did you know that if you have had students who have been struggling, they should be through their first cycle of STAT interventions by now?  Well, S3 is here to help. Here is your quick ‘What Do I Do Now?’ guide…

YOU SHOULD KNOW!  Tier 1 interventions should be implemented before referring a student to STAT (see below for the best resources ever).  Check out THIS really cool Intervention Planner that allows you to select a specific area of concern in reading or math and select from a bank of interventions. Once you select your chosen interventions, a customized academic intervention plan is developed that you can download in text or PDF format.

YOU MUST READ… the ‘For More…’ section under the reading and math sections below. We have SEARCHED & HUNTED & SEARCHED & HUNTED AGAIN for the best comprehensive resources to provide you only with explicit interventions for specific issues that provide you with everything you need to implement the intervention – an explanation of the strategy, an explanation of how to use and teach the strategy, in some cases, lesson plans for implementation and in some cases, a corresponding assessment.


  1. IF you have implemented Tier 1 interventions,
    • AND you have completed the Pre-STAT problem-solving protocol (hopefully everyone knows what this is) FOR a student who is below the 30th percentile on MAP and below grade level on screeners (AIMSWeb or Dibels) and receiving a D or an F in reading or math THEN refer to STAT.
  2. IF you have not implemented Tier 1 interventions,
    • use the resources below to immediately implement Tier 1 interventions for your target students AND complete the pre-STAT problem-solving protocol AND collect data IF the student does not make any progress THEN refer to STAT.
  3. IF you have referred to STAT for academics,
    • NOT LIKELY because only 7 students in the CCPCS district have been referred to STAT
    • THEN ensure you are implementing intervention at least 3x per week, progress monitoring using AIMSWeb and collecting and analyzing data.
  4. IF you don’t understand what to do OR are confused in any way, PLEASE ask questions AND ask for HELP!

Reading Interventions and Strategies

1) Fluency

  • Repeated Reading -This intervention is useful for supporting comprehension and fluency.  This is a solution that supports slow readers. Students read repeatedly short passages until they achieve a satisfactory level of fluency.  Click HERE for implementation guidelines.
  • Choral Reading –  involves oral reading of text. In choral reading, the teacher leads the reading of a text that students have read previously with 95% accuracy, and students join in to orally read the text in unison.  This can be done as a Tier 2 intervention in small groups on student instructional level.  Click HERE for implementation guidelines.
2) Comprehension
  • Explicitly strategy instruction is critical.  Teachers must explicitly teach, model and practice comprehension strategies.  Strategy instruction is an intervention.
  • Key Strategies
    • Monitor While Reading – Teach students how to monitor while reading. Monitoring is the thing that stands in between mindless and mindful reading.
    • Questioning – Model how to ask questions while reading, write questions down and seek answers.
    • Beyond Annotating…Text Coding – Teach students not to just highlight or underline.  Teach students specific codes/notations that represent their thoughts.  This forces students to be intentional and actually think about each annotation that is used.  Click HERE for an example.

For more… reading intervention resources see.

  • see the Comprehensive CCPCS Tier 1 Intervention for Reading Quick List linked HERE or
  • visit the Reading Strategies Bank linked HERE.
  • choose from the collection of interventions in the RTI Menu linked HERE.  SHOUT OUT TO SHAVONNE GIBSON FOR FINDING THIS!  

Math Interventions and Strategies

1) Difficulty Remembering Facts

  • use manipulative objects
  • practice flashcards with peer/volunteer
  • use folding in technique for flashcard practice
  • student self-check/correct practice sheets
  • use calculators for drilling of multiplication facts (this will support retention)

2) Problems sequencing steps for computation:

  • consistent review of steps
  • reference sheet kept at student desk
  • use acronyms to remember steps
  • color coding of steps

3) Problem-Solving

  • use concrete examples
  • provide visuals
  • teach and require students how to create a visual
  • use math specific graphic organizers

For more… math intervention resources see ***THESE ARE AMAZING RESOURCES***

  • the Comprehensive CCPCS Tier 1 Intervention for Math Quick List linked HERE or
  • visit this Cognitive Strategies Bank for Math linked HERE.
  • the 7th and 8th grade math intervention modules linked HERE.
  • the comprehensive math interventions to include explicit lessons with scaffolds & assessments linked HERE.
  • quick one-page intervention lessons by standard for grades 2-6, click HERE.


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