It’s Almost Too Late (MUST READ)

Quick Guide to STAT

Do you have students who are struggling? The answer is YES.  Have you implemented the below?   Please DON’T WAIT.

  1. Students will only grow if appropriate Tier 1 Instruction is happening.
  2. Students will only grow if you STOP and respond to data and implement appropriate supports for targeted students. Interventions are temporary band-aids, if #1 is not in place.
  3. Students can only be referred to special education if 1 and 2 have happened.

See 1/4/2015 post for interventions and strategies!

If you have students performing below the 15th percentile on MAP & are RED on Dibels or AIMSWeb & have a D or an F in reading or math, you should have or need to immediately enter them into the Pre-STAT problem-solving process.

This process is required before any student is referred to STAT. Click HERE for the process outlined. This process must start in the next few weeks in order to ensure you can implement interventions in a timely fashion.

Note that in the following example, if you do not start the Pre-STAT process NOW, any student who may need to be referred will not receive supports until next school year. Referrals to special education are not permitted if this protocol has not been followed and there is clear documentation to support the process. Documentation requirements are outlined in the handbook that can be found by clicking the flowchart above.

January 29 – Pre-STAT Problem-Solving (4-week cycle)

February 26 – Formal STAT Referral

March 2 – Formal STAT Meeting

March 2-April 10 – Student in STAT process (6-week cycle)

April 13 – STAT Meeting – Decision about formal referral to special education

April 13 – Referral

April 27 – AED Meeting (within 10 days of referral)

June 20 – Eligibility (60 day process)


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