February Updates for ESL Teachers (ESTs) and Special Educators (SETs)

PROGRESS REPORTS ARE DUE:  Progress reports should go home with regular report cards next week.  SETs, please note, if you have any students with a grade of ‘NO PROGRESS,’ you must reach out to Laura or Michelle for guidance before finalizing in SEDS.  Calendar reminders for 3rd (April 3) and 4th quarter (6/5) progress reports have been sent out.


  • Draft Agenda:
    1. PARCC Accommodations & Other Information
    2. IEP Quality Review
    3. Preparing for Next Year
      • Hours Efficiencies
      • Role of SET
    4. Best Practice Sharing
      • Brightwood data practices
      • The SETs role in CKLA delivery
  • Pre-Work:  
    1. SETs please bring 1 sample of a data-based portfolio and the most recent IEP you have developed.  If you have not had an IEP meeting yet, bring an IEP for any student.
    2. Complete the poll below.

ACTION ITEM:  As we work to strategically improve our program, we are collecting information as we prepare for next school year.  This will help us to better defend requests for additional resources for our department. In order to support this effort, we have added two columns to the master roster, ‘Potential Exit’ and ‘Level Reduction.’  Please access the roster and simply add a Y or an N to each column to indicate whether or not this is a student who you are considering for exit or a student who you are considering an hours reduction for. If you are considering an hours reduction, please indicate the specific reduction. The roster is linked here. 


  • SETs, if you have not completed the below poll, please take 30 seconds to do so by Monday.  We will use this information to support 2/13 PD.
  • SETs, IEP drafts should be sent to the team, including the parent, no less than five days before the IEP meeting.

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