Recognizing the Power of Relationships

Recently I was at the CCPCS Shaw campus for a meeting, as I neared the building, I ran into one of my former students who was out walking with the PE teacher.  As I passed them, the student said hello and explained to me that he was taking a break with Mshawr. Shortt.  When I got to my meeting, I mentioned seeing the student and was told that the walk with the PE teacher is a daily activity in support of better health for the student.  This is precisely the kind of commitment to students that extends far beyond the walls of the school building.  Whether or not the student or the teacher realizes it, this will have a positive impact this student for many years to come.  One of the most critical factors in student success is having positive adult relationships at school.  The student is a student with an IEP and will be leaving us at the end of this year for high school, I hope that the love and compassion shown to him by the Shaw team stays with him as he navigates his new environment.  I encourage all of us to check in with that former student or take five minutes to check in with a current student who needs that little bit of extra attention.

For the Love of Our Kids,



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